# Branches

The main branch of the project is dev. Branches or created from the dev branch with this naming pattern : <type>/<issue-id>-<name>

type branch from example
new feature dev feat/1234-coolstuff
bugfix dev fix/1234-fixme
hotfix release/vX.X.X hotfix/1234-burning

Push to git and create a PR (draft if not ready yet)

git push -u origin <branch-name>

Working on an old branch (couple of days) ? Please rebase origin/dev to make sure your code is up to date.

git fetch
git rebase origin/dev
git push -f # you've been rewriting the history on your branch

# Issues

# Pull-requests

Please write a comprehensive description of the content. Use checkboxes when several tickets or steps are included in the same PR. Be nice to the testers and guide them with the steps needed to reproduce/test the features. This can be a simple bullet-point list.

Keep PR small and simple to understand for the reviewers to avoid having them pending for a long time and getting stale.

When a couple of tickets are needed to complete a PR, create it as Draft and take some time explain what it is going to do. Write down the steps and check them when done. When you're ready, click the "Ready for review" and share the PR link in Mattermost with the reviewers to make sure they don't miss the notification.

Once merged, move the tickets to the "to test" column of the Kanban and ping the PO for tests and feedback.

# Release pull-requests

Please use the template for release pull requests and make sure all checkboxes are checked.

# Deployments

# Development

dev environment runs on Kubernetes. Every commit to the dev branch triggers an image build and a deployment PR on the infra repository (opens new window). When you merge this PR, the Terraform configuration of the cluster changes. ArgoCD (opens new window) checks this repo every 5 minutes and deploys on changes.

You can trigger a sync in ArgoCD manually.

# Demo

demo environment runs on Kubernetes too. Deployments use the same process as dev but they are triggered when a tag with the pattern vX.X.X is created.

# Production

production runs on Scalingo. The PaaS doesn't support tag deployment. It is then required to create a branch from this tag with the naming pattern : release/vX.X.X.


type the name in the branch or tag field and Github will ask you to create a new one.

On Scalingo, create a new manual deploy from your branch (opens new window). The build and migrations are run before deploying.